Mariella Malefioudaki


Position: Masters student

Group Member Since: 2022

Nationality: Greek


Research Interests: Nanomaterials , nanotechnology , Biochemistry , Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bacteria

I completed my bachelor degree in chemistry at the University of Crete. In the last year of my studies, I did my thesis in a bioinorganic lab on the topic of encapsuled porphyrin molecules in carbon dot materials for H2 production under the supervision of Prof Athanassio G.Coutsolelo. After I finished my bachelor degree, I tried a different aspect of Chemistry and do my internship at NOVA university of Lisbon in a biochemistry lab under the supervision of Prof. Sofia Pauleta for 8 months. In this 8-month period, I worked more in the molecular biology field, in antimicrobial activity of organometallic compound. More specifically we tried to find antibiotics for staphylococcus. Now I am starting my Master on Nanostructured Materials for Nanotechnology Applications at University of Zaragoza.

Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy taekwodo , dance , and I love travelling