Scott is grateful for receiving (or having received) the following contributions to his research:

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The RSC small meetings grant helped us organise our course on “Últimas tecnologías aplicadas a la conservación del patrimonio cultural: problemática y soluciones” from 25-27 November 2019 at The university of Zaragoza (Spain).

LogoCuentalaCiencia.png  FGCSIC

“Queremos ConCienciaArte” (2019) €3,200. Proyecto de divulgación científica dirigido a estudiantes de la ESO. Scientific Outreach project aimed at high school students and general public.


MCSA-IF-2018 (2019-2021) €172,932; Dr. Elena Atrian-Blasco. “Peptide functionalized POMs as biofilm disruption agents: searching for synergy in bactericidal materials” PePiPOM


CSIC ComFuturo Fellowship (2015-2018) €135.000. “Nanomateriales Antimicrobianos para la Preservación del Patrimonio Cultural”


European Commission Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (2013-2015) €173.370. “The complimentary combination of polyoxometalates and metal nanoparticles” COCOPOPS, Grant agreement No. 328985


MINECO Juan de la Cierva Fellowship (2011-2013) “Tumour Cell Death by Optical Hyperthermia using Gold Nanoprisms”


BP Chemicals Industrial Ph.D. (2006-2010)

Investigating Polyoxometalate Self-Assembly: From Structural Building Units Towards Novel Molecules and Framework Materials


Royal Society of Chemistry – Mobility Grant (2015) 

Devro Plc. – Club 21 Scholarship (University of Glasgow) (2005)