Isabel Franco Castillo

Isabel Franco Castillo


Position: doctoral researcher

Group Member Since: 2017

Nationality: Spanish


Tel: +34 876 555 683

Office: CEMINEM – 01.130


Research Interests: Microbiology, Nanoparticles, Cultural Heritage, Polyoxometalates, Ionic Liquids.

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and a Master in Molecular & Cellular Biology at University of Zaragoza. Then I did an internship in the Corporate Innovation Area of B/S/H/ Home Appliances Group, where I came into contact with the Institute where I work now, the Aragón Materials Science Institute (ICMA). In this institute I’m searching for new antimicrobial compounds for use in preventing biodeterioration in cultural heritage objects.

Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy knitting, dancing, and going out with my friends.