Dr. Sonia García Embid


Position: Postdoc

Group Member Since: 2021

Nationality: Spanish

Email: soniage@unizar.es

Research Interests: polymeric capsules, microbiology, natural polymers, drug delivery

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and a Master in Nanostructured Materials for Nanotechnological Applications at the University of Zaragoza. In 2016, I started a PhD in the Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon (INMA) under the supervision of Prof. Jesús Martínez de la Fuente and Dr. Laura De Matteis. During this period, my research focus was the development of emulsions coated with polysaccharides for the encapsulation of active molecules. In 2021, I started working in a project in collaboration with the industry for the development of antimicrobial additives for paint. I am currently working on the Eurekart project for the dissemination of Nanoscience through art while I combine it with the development of new antimicrobial compound based of natural materials.


Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy crocheting, hiking and going out for beers

Publications for Dr. Sonia García Embid: 

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